What makes us the experts when it comes to B2B Social Media Marketing?

Facebook Ad Agency

Lead IN is a Facebook Ads Agency dedicated to helping you gain a solid return on your ad spend.

Our B2B Social Media Marketing experts work with you to drill down where your target audience engages online, where your target audience is located, the times they engage best, the type of content that makes them engage and then Lead IN create a strategy to help you utilise Facebook to generate qualified leads for your business.


We create the Ad set, the different ad types, including video creation, ad design. We setup tracking so you can measure the results with clear visibility.

For those Facebook users who have shown some interest in your service or product offerings but haven't moved into the decision stage, we create highly accurate re-marketing and re-targeting Facebook ads using the Facebook remarking pixel.

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LinkedIn B2B Marketing

Our most popular and effective social platform for B2B lead generation Marketing is LinkedIn.

Nearly 80% of all B2B leads generated from social come from LinkedIn and with 63 million monthly users LinkedIn marketing is the place to meeting the right decision-makers to turn into leads!

Using Sales Navigator we push targeted connection requests and InMails to decision-makers, saving you admin time and cutting out the middlemen and blockers by going direct to the Director with the authority to make the decisions.

We track the lead opportunities using the LinkedIn Insights tag. Meaning you always have visibility on success in your marketing dashboards and/or CRM systems.

Our team also work with you to optimise your LinkedIn profiles for people searching for your services, meaning you show up first.

Lead IN help you create a content strategy to re-engage your contacts once you've connected with a content plan. This involves videos, industry insights and developments, design, blogs and carousels, covering all stages of the marketing funnel, leading towards that all important conversion.

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Instagram Marketing Agency

Lead IN is a reputable Instagram Marketing Agency. As you may well know, Instagram is part of Facebook and Instagram Marketing is handled in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Instagram is a fantastic marketing platform for agencies because the platform is all pictures and videos, meaning marketing on Instagram looks more "native" and not as obvious, which typically leads to better rates of engagement from Instagram users.

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YouTube Advertising Agency

We are a proud YouTube Advertising Agency and we can help you created bespoke videos that resonates with your audience and prompts sign-ups or contact with your company.

Lead IN's design team can create cinematic or animation videos, with background music and professional voice-over to set you apart from your competitors.

Although YouTube has been around since 2005, not many lead generation agencies are utilising it as a marketing platform.

Our designers work with our Paid Ads specialists to help you create powerful videos to advertise on YouTube prompting for a sign-up, consultation, questionnaire, call or form submission.

Using clever software we can drill down into what your target market watches online to ensure your video ads are advertised on the right YouTube channels.

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Tinder Advertising

Yes, you read it correctly. We provide advertisements on Tinder and we find Tinder to be a fantastic platform for companies looking to target millennials, singletons or cosmetic companies looking to find their target audience.

Although Tinder is a very niche platform for advertisement, we feel it is also a fantastic untapped platform which depending on your service or offering can be the best route into your audience to sign them up as new business lead.

So swipe right, and talk to one of our Paid Advertisement specialists today for a FREE no-obligation consultation about how Tinder Ads may potentially give you a competitive edge.

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