What makes us the best when it comes to SEO?

Technical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At Lead IN, we have a dedicated Technical SEO specialist with an impressive portfolio of national and multi-national historic clients achieving fantastic results!

Technical SEO is the bridge between SEOs and Web Developers. A Web Developer will create a site that looks aesthetically pleasing and serves a purpose. An SEO will try to link-build to this site and optimise.

A Technical SEO optimises your site for crawling and indexing, fixes redirects, server errors, sets up goal and conversion tracking, creates rules of the GoogleBot in the robots.txt, and creates Search Engine listing enhancements such as star reviews, FAQ drop downs to name but a few to ensure your listing stands out and but most importantly attracts the most clicks from users onto your site!

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the art of modifying individual web pages so that they rank for the target keyword(s) associated with that page.

Good On-Page SEO requires good commercial awareness, thorough research into the client's market/sector and the search patterns and monthly searches associated with the search behaviour and target keyword, understanding the user's journey whilst strategising to ensure the intent of the keyword search matches the client's value proposition/offering.

Simply put; On-Page aspects of Search Engine Optimisation gets 80% of its success from solid research, data analysis and then creating the strategy to be implemented. Once this is done, the rest is easy - we just take these findings and optimise your web page content, URL slugs, Title Tags, H-1 Tags, Canonical Link Elements, Internal-Linking , HTML Breadcrumbs to reflect the target keyword(s) we want to rank each individual page for.

Link-Building & Outreach for SEO

What is Link-Building for SEO?

Link-building is having links from sites across the web pointing towards your site. This can be in the form of a redirect into your site, an image with a link embedded to your site, anchor text with a hyperlink to your site on the text (usually your target keyword) or a naked url link (example: www.lead-in.co.uk/).

Sites are given a quality/trust score by Google, this is decided by numerous factors such as; a manual review by Google personnel scoring on Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust. The link-profile of the site, i.e do other reputable sites link towards the site? Does the site have spam links?

Other contributing factors include time spend on site by users, average pages viewed per user session on the site. The domain age for the site and how long the site has been active and 3rd party reviews of the sites product or service usually via trusted sources (such as Feefo or Trust Pilot) also play a part.

Our team have years of experience in link-building and earning quality links. This ranges from high traffic sector specific publications and E-Magazines, to reliable blogs, forums, NO-follow links, Do-follow links, business directory listings, social links to your site, government and educational links, Web 2.0 and PR publications.

For outreach our creative content team work together to analyse trends or identify neo-tribes that we can tap into with engaging, refreshing and most importantly shareable content. We push this out to affiliates who post the content and then we gain links from re-posts and content shares.

SEO Spam Link Removal - Disavow File

Yes, building good links is key for SEO. Unfortunately, bad links do also exist. As mentioned above, a ranking factor for Google is the link profile of your site. This is basically an overview of good links and poor links. The more low quality/spammy links you have pointing towards you the less Google will trust you and the lower your search listings will be.

Competitors occasionally hit rivals with negative SEO, which is usually lots of links that blatantly breaks Google's guidelines for SEO and therefore Google associates these links with your site.

If this happens, you need to complete something called a disavow file which is used to remove these spam links. Historically, we've had results of +200% increase in organic traffic in 1-year for a client just by completing disavow files and cleaning up the clients' link profile.

Ensuring you remove harmful links and not good links is crucial, as if wrongly used a disavow file can harm your rankings further. We have lots of experience reviving manual actions for clients with disavow files and if this is something you may require then please get in touch.

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